In this site you will find information about how Léva Urban Design prosess personal data and cookies. 

  • Cookies

Once you start using our website, we collect some information about you. We do this not to identify you as an individual, but to learn more about our own website, and thus continuously improve us. By using our site, you agree to this data collection. In this case, Léva Urban Design will be responsible for the information collected.

Information we collect:

  • What browser you are using
  • Which language your browser is set to
  • What device you are using. (PC, tablet, phone, etc.)
  • How long you stay on our various webpages
  • Parts of your IP address (We have activated something called anonymous IP)

The reason why we collect this information is to get a general statistic on how the site is used. We can then see how many people have visited our site, which country our visitors come from and which of our websites they stay at the most. We use this information to improve us.

We use Google Analytics to collect this information. The information is obtained continuously as you visit the site and is retrieved using cookies. You can choose not to accept the use of cookies. This is done in the settings of your browser.

Google and data security
The information collected is handled by Google, and it is them who analyses the data, make reports and trends about our site.  This makes Google our data processor, however Léva Urban Design remains the manager responsible for the information.

We do not use the information for anything other than mentioned above. Nor do we share the information with anyone else. Google, saves the information on its servers in the United States. Google may transfer this information to third parties if there is a legal obligation to do this, or if such third parties treat the information on behalf of Google. Google will not compare the information with other information they have.

You can read more about Google's security here:

Use of materials from other websites
Individual pages on our site may contain videos taken from other websites and incorporated into our site. Content obtained from other web pages behaves exactly as if you visited that website. An example is if you are watching a Youtube video. It would then appear that you are on the YouTube website, which may use other cookies.


  • Customers and partners

Léva Urban Design basically uses information related to the business and not to individuals associated with the business. Sometimes this falls under one another, for example, private phone numbers are used in a work context, or names are given in connection with contact information. Therefore, Léva Urban Design sometimes stores personal information about its customers and this sense becomes a data processor for the customer.

Personal data collected

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • e-mail address

The reason for storing this information is to fulfil contractual obligations that we have with our customera. The information is stored in the online accounting and payroll program Tripletex, and is deleted when the customer relationship is terminated. Information relating to contact information for the business itself can also be stored after the customer relationship is over.


Information is retrieved directly from the person we gather the information from, or from published information by the business that the person is employed in.

Data security

We only use the information for purposes described herein. We do not share this information with others. A separate contract between us and Tripletex handles security, roles and responsibilities.

  • Adobe sign - E-sign

In Leva Urban Design we use of the e-signature service Adobe Sign. This is a service that allows our customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and others to digitally sign documents such as contracts, accounts, approvals, etc. For this to be a secure way of signing, Adobe will collect information and information about the signer. This signature contains personal information. In this case we become a data manager and Adobe becomes our data processor.

Information collected

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Company
  • E-mail address
  • Date
  • Time
  • Informasjon about the browser being used
  • Information about the device being used
  • Location of the signer (From browser or app) - location services can be turned off
  • IP-adresse til enheten som brukes til å signere med

We collect this data is to register information about the signing process so that it becomes a valid signature. All information is recorded as part of the "audit trail" associated with the electronically signed document. All parties therefore get an overview of the course of events.

The information is retrieved by Adobe Sign when the document is signed. Some information may be required by the signatory to complete the signature. After signing, all parties involved (sender, signatories) will receive an email with the signed document, as well as an overview of information such as: IP address, email address, phone number, name, date, time and company. (chain of events)

Data security
We as the sender have the responsibility to check how long documents are stored by Adobe. We also save the document by mail. The document is saved until the document is no longer required.

Learn more about Adobe Sign:

You can read more about Adobe Privacy here:


Employees in Léva Urban Design

Léva Urban Design is responsible for processing of personal information of all employees. We collect and store personal information about all our employees.

Personal data collected

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Norwegian Identification Number
  • Account number

We collect the personal data in order to be able to keep accounts and payroll, as well as manage personnel responsibilities, user accounts and services.


Personal data is retrieved directly from the employees and stored in relevant computer programs / systems.

Data security
A separate detailed document "Privacy Statement Employee" has been distributed among Leva Urban Design employees.  The document provides information about security, privacy, data processing, access, and registered rights. The document is available to all employees of Leva Urban Design.

  • Survey - Maptionnaire

On a number of projects Léva Urban Design administers surveys for customers. There are various reasons for doing this. Sometimes we map needs, wishes, thoughts, ideas or other feedback from users, usually residents of a given area. We collect this data to get information not about individuals, but to get a comprehensive and holistic understanding of an area and people who use the it.

By participating in the survey you agree that Léva Urban Design can process your answers for the purpose described here.

We in Léva Urban Design are responsible for the information obtained while Maptionnaire is our data processor. Maptionnaire is the program we use to create and conduct surveys. Maptionnaire processes data for us so we can analyze it.

Personal data that can be collected

Personal data that we collect varies depending on a project and the survey used.
Usually we collect data about:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Main source of income
  • Country of birth
  • Country of residence
  • If you have children
  • Age of the children
  • Mobility patterns
  • Place of residence (within a specific area and without collecting specific address)
  • Place of work (within a specific area)

We collect this information to get an overall understanding of an area and people who use the site. This is linked to a urban development or upgrading the area.

The respondent goes through the survey, and self gives the answers.

Data security
All answers to the survey will be anonymized and can not be linked to individuals. We only look at the overall outcome. In some surveys, the respondent can write thoughts, inputs, ideas, etc. The type of data will not be linked to individuals, but the answers will be treated separately.

The respondent chooses themselves which questions they want to answer.  We in Léva Urban Design use collected and analyzed data to present results for our clients. Maptionnaire does not share data collected with anyone else.

Read more about Maptionnaire privacy policy here.

We have a data processing agreement with Maptionnaire that describes data processing, roles, duties, responsibilities and security.

When administering surveys, we often set up raffles to get more respondents. To participate in the raffle, the respondent must register his e-mail address. It is voluntary to participate in the raffle.

The e-mail addresses that are registered are never linked to the questionnaire answers. We do not use the e-mail addresses to any other address than the raffles, and do not share it with anyone either. Once the winner is drawn and informed of the win, the e-mail addresses that were collected will be deleted.

  • Your rights

As an individual whose data is being collected As registered you have different rights that you can use.

  • Access to the personal data you provided
  • Correction of the data you provided
  • Deleting personal data
  •  Limit processing of personal data
  • Data portability  – transmitting of personal data
  • Object to processing of the personal data you provided

Contact us if you have questions about rights. We ensure that we fulfil the rights of those who provided us data.

  • Contact us about personal data

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about personal data, cookies or anything else.

Krister Vold | Personaldata manager

908 49 481

Aslaug Tveit | CEO