Sandnes Sea Promenade

Type: Area analyzes, opportunities studies, consulting, sketch project, design
Client: Veidekke Eiendom and Kruse Smith Eiendom
Location: Sandnes, Norway
Status: Active

Sandnes Seapromenade

In connection with the development along the sea promenade in Sandnes, LÉVA has been a consultant and the designer for Veidekke and the development on their area, Rovikeiendommen. LEVA has been involved in the process from the analysis phase to the landscape design.

At the beginning of the process, LÈVA made a feasibility study and site analysis of the Rovikeiendom. This created the basis for an architect competition for the development of the plot. Leva was in this context one of the judges in the evaluation group. And was later an advisory consultant for Veidekke up against the municipality and politicians in connection with the demands for a territorial plan and securing an attractive sea promenade. LÈVA has regarding to this, developed guidelines to ensure an attractive promenade with programs and characters adapted to the different areas. And solving the challengers to connect the already built areas with the new projects. Besides this LÈVA has worked together with the architects, ArkVest, about designing the outer areas on Rovikeiendommen.

Feasibility study – Mini Holland

First phase of the process was the analytical work and feasibility study which was the foundation of the project, highlighting several aspects which are brought forward to the other steps of the project. Since the plot is oblong it requires great variation of the buildings, outdoor spaces and spatial experiences to create interesting connections and invite people through the area. This means variation in building height and design shapes, character and expression, districts and content. Mini Holland is an example of this. Another important element in this phase, was that there was established a public park at the end of the plot that connects the city behind to the water, inviting visitors into the area.

A cohesive promenade

As a requirement for developing the last two plots along the promenade it was made a thorough material with guidelines and regulations to ensure a more cohesive promenade that invites the city residents to use the sea promenade. The new paths between the currently finished plots should work as a link and foundation in creating a recreational and attractive route. As shortages in the already existing areas, the two new areas have to tie the promenade better up to the city, and connecting the city with the water. These two plots are special nodes between the sea promenade and the town. It is also taken into account for the existing programs and locations to recommend new programs to existing and upcoming projects, for the sea promenade altogether to appear strong and interesting.

The stream promenade is the concept that came from the work. The concept builds on the fact that the path itself is the form giving and shaping element, and the thing that will create a route rich on diversity and variation. It moves through the various plots and secure different views, shapes and spatial experiences along the long path.

Landscape design, Rovikeiendommen

Rovikeiendommen, one of the last two plots that remain to be developed, is located on the outskirts of the city centre. The focus was thereby to create programs that do not need a lot people to activate it but to create outside areas that are inviting and attractive. It is emphasized a sensory experience through the area for both visitors, residents and workers in the area. The principle of variation and various quarters is brought forward from the previous work. The area is divided into 4 different types of urbane- and landscape spaces with own expressions.

The Steam Park is a public park with large open spaces, different levels, intimate pockets and paths that cross different zones.

The Hilly Fields is a hilly terrain with stay and views. Green and open.

The Maritime Park is a warm area with wooden stairs and connection to the water, this area offers a break for residents and visitors. The area also has trampolines for active play for all ages.

The Urban Park is the short breaks for the workers in the area – trees break the long horizontal space and creates less room in the large space.

All together they create an interesting trip through the area.