Children`s House

Type: Strategic design
Client: The Children`s House
Location: Sola, Norway
Status: Finished 2013

We was engaged by the private kindergarten «Children`s House» to redesign outdoor areas to be more exciting for children and with a closer link to the learning that takes place indoors.

The children`s house kindergarten has a strong focus on stimulating children to learn and develop in playful ways. It was therefor an important requirement that outdoor areas also backed up around the kindergarten philosophy and gave good opportunities to take parts of the «teaching» out in the open.

The concept
The concept for the outdoor area was therefore based on the theory of Howard Gardner, where there is focus on stimulating the seven intelligences:
the logical, the motor, the musical, the linguistic, the spatial, the natural and the personal.

7 diffrenet landscapes
The seven intelligences are connected to seven Norwegian different landscapes:

forests, mountains, islands, plains, city, north sea and garden. 

Each section have a landscape type connected to an intelligence. In addition to this, the different sections are also adapted to the different age levels,  and thus also meet the needs of stimulus to kids of all ages.

The peppery huts

IMG_0868 kopi

The peppery huts was designed as a part of the playground.

The project is developed in close collaboration with the local company Fine Furniture. The construction of the huts is inspired by old traditional wooden boat structure with fine furniture details done by the local furniture details done by the local furniture carpenter, Tjerand Gjerde. The peppery huts is a part of the overall plan for The Children`s House kindergarten. The huts is special designed and constructed for the kindergarten.

The designs of the huts is connected to the overall concept for the playground, were the zone they are placed in illustrate the forest as landscapes type, and is connected to the musical intelligence. The huts have simple music instrument inside and the children can in an imaginative way stimulate the sound and musical senses inside and around the huts.

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