Christmas in Svankevigå

Type: Event / Strategic design
Client: Urban Sjøfront, Norwegian Properties
Status: Stavanger East, Norway
Status: 21 of november 2015

On behalf of Urban Sjøfront, we organized a Christmas market in Svankevigå . This is part of a larger project called reputation management Svankevigå (read more). The Christmas market was very successfully and there were over 200 visitors. The event was done in collaboration with Tou Scene.

The market was inside Hermetikken and outside on Svanketorget. There where food trucks serving hot chocolate and porridge outside, while there was christmas workshop for children inside.

When evening came we showed a outdoor cinema on the parking lot nearby. The back wall of Hermetikken was filled with lights from the the movie «Reisen til Julestjernen» that is a Norwegian Christmas classic. There where campfires around the benches and blankets to keep away the cold.

Hermetikken is designed by us in Léva Urban Design and are normally a meeting place for different people.
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