Christmas in the can factory street

Type: Event and installations
Client: Urban Sjøfront
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Status: Finished 2013

Christmas in the park

As a part of the overall strategy project The edible Stavanger East, Léva designed a temporary food market and christmas installations in a local park. The event lasted from the 1th to the 20th of December in 2013 and took place in three different locations. The food market was located in a old can factory, the Christmas installations were in a park and an innovation workshop related to food and business took place in Tou Scene.

The design concept

The objective was to highlight the can production history in Stavanger East by drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of can factories and combine this with a new Christmas spirit inspired by a norwegian TV series for Children,Jul i blåfjell(Christmas in the blue mountains).


The food market

We chose an abandoned can factory in the area as the site for the market. The site carried a certain rawness about it which resonated with our concept. Léva made the indoor plan, organizing the flow of people and creating a special atmosphere with the same mindset as we put in designing outdoor public spaces. The focus of the event was to create a new, temporary public space and at the same time strengthen the social capital of the local food producers. One of the central elements of the design was a shape like structure created from pallets, where the sellers were presenting their products. At the entrance to the factory we created a seating area where people could socializing and pay for the goods. The hall leading to the market was set up as a dark corridor with light installations and music to give the visitors a magic feeling before entering the market. The space in the market hall was organized to generate different zones for learning from the master chefs, for socializing and getting a gastronomic experience.

The park

In the park we used the existing trees and transformed them into Christmas installations by hanging over 500 can boxes on them. The experience for the visitors was planned to be calm and peaceful with a low sound from the cans in the wind, and a shimmering effect of the cans meeting the sunlight at daytime. On one of the largest old trees in the park we installed white/blue lights. Every Sunday during the event period at sunsetin the blue hour there 100 torches were set out in the park and mysterious music was put on a to strengthen the visitor’s experience.