Cultural analysis

Type: Analysis
Client: Stavanger municipality
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Status: Finished 2011

Stavanger & culture

The City Council approved in 2010 the extension of the municipal sector plan for arts and culture, Cultural Stavanger 2010-2017, to be drawn up its own cultural arena plan for the period up to Stavanger 900 anniversary in 2025. The purpose of the analysis and the final plan is to assess the need for, and prioritize funding for investments in cultural venues, as well as clarify the venue location. The work shall include the whole Stavanger municipality, a regional approach and be related to the audit of the municipal plan for the city centre.


As a part of this effort initiated by the Culture Department of the City of Stavanger in March 2011 an extensive record of existing cultural venues are to be analysed and registered divided into the following categories:

A: Cultural buildings where the municipality owns or provides annual operating grants a total of 43 pieces

B: Community building and school building that serve as the venue for cultural, total 122 pcs.

C: Outdoor cultural venues, a total of 29 units.

D: Cultural venues in the surrounding communities with a regional function, a total of 6 pieces.

E. Construction of areas in private ownership, which acts as a venue for cultural activity, a total of 28 pcs.

Registration work was presented at the Cultural Dialogue in April 2011 and a questionnaire was sent out to all venues in categories A, B and D.