Edible Stavanger East

The idea is based on using a food system as a tool in an urban development process.

The project was funded by Urban Sjøfront in 2013 and supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Environment as part of the project Future Cities.

The project was kick started in February 2013 through a creative workshop with local community and professionals at Tou Scene (a local cultural institution). The ideas from the workshop lay foundation for developing a long-term strategy for the area. LÉVA was also inspired to start up the project through the work of the organization CITIES (http://citiesthemagazine.com), with their project called Farming the city

(http://farmingthecity.net). Francesca Miazza, director of the organization, has followed the edible Stavanger east project from the beginning and has also written a theoretical wrap up after the first workshop were she highlighted the possibilities for a long-term strategy in the district of Stavanger east.

The development of the project has been influenced by both local initiatives and international best practice cases. The main intention of this project has been to increase life quality for new and existing inhabitants of Stavanger East. However, with special focus on social sustainability the project led also to creating a more sustainable neighborhood. The strategy is twofold, with a short-term vision setting up various temporary activities, and a long-term vision for the whole area focusing on more permanent and larger interventions. These temporary and permanent interventions have been both be single projects, events and has also lead to product development.

Last year the project generated a large network of engaged people and organizations cooperating and developing projects together. The inspiration came from

with the inspiration from the overall strategy for the area.