Energy Garden

Type: Garden design
Client: Tasta Nursing Home
Location: Tasta, Norway
Status: Finished 2014

Garden design in a nursing home

The Idea

The idea of the garden as a place where the body and the brain gets the energy generated the concept »Energy Garden°, which along with the theoretical material creates the basis for programming and dividing the garden. The garden is organized as number of charging stations placed around the garden’s core, which is also the core of socializing. The core and the total of seven charging stations represent an interpretation of the theoretical pre-defined garden rooms, and are designed different in expression and programming. The organization and location of the garden rooms are determined based on a combination of requirements posed through the theory and landscape analysis.

The theory

Based on theoretical principles of sensory gardens depends on the garden’s design and programming by users. The users are divided into four types according dedication and mental strength. These user types have very different needs and therefore places very different demands on their environment. Based on this, set up a number of principles for a total of eight garden rooms with different characters. Garden rooms are based on the balance. between stimulating the strongest, and create security and tranquillity of the weakest users. This provides a basis for defining garden rooms further including materials, vegetation, experiences etc., as well as placing them in relation to each other and the environment.