Khlong Toei slum


Type: Slum upgrading
Client: Charity 
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Status: Finished and constructed 2011


Tho project takes point of departure in a master thesis made by Linn Terese Larsen 8, Aslaug Tveit in 2009 at Aalborg University, Denmark.

The master thesis deal with 3 different scales and the result was overall strategy for how to integrate tho slum community with the formal city of Bangkok, a neighborhood strategy for upgrading, and a detailed design project related to the community centre in one of the communities in Khlong Toei slum.

Community centre

In 2010 Linn Terese e and Aslaug started to continue the work in collaboration with the local helping organization the mercy centre and the engineering company Norconsult (department Bangkok). An upgrading project for the community centre was planned and constructed in 2011 by LÉVAs team with great help from the danish architect Rasmus Hamann.

The upgrading project focused on starting up a process dealing with flooding problem, the garbage situation and creating a social node in the community centre.

Unfortunately the project could not continue after 2011 because of internal, and dangerous conflicts between local drug mafia groups in the district.