Type: Analysis, research and concept
Client: Lyse Neo AS
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Status: Finsihed 2010


Lyse Neo faces challenges in finding suitable locations for temporary mobile energy station. Although the containers are safe and temporary, and the little nuisance, it encourages skepticism to have them placed in neighborhoods. It is therefore a challenge for Lyse Neo to gain access to suitable areas close to the customer.

On this basis, Lyse Neo gave us a challenge to develop an overall concept of how the temporary energy stations can be better integrated in urban environment, with Stavanger East as a test area.

From analysis to design

One of the main causes of Lyse Neo’s challenge of placing temporary energy stations are the aesthetic appearance, as well as the noise that that some of the stations generate. We also believe that the term NIMBY (not in my back yard) is highly applicable here, which means that there is a general skepticism and ignorance to the product that Lyse Neo offers, as well as a fear that the stations will dilute the value of the local area.

The report is divided into two parts.
Part 1 has as main purpose to create an understanding of the reasons that challenges arise and how it can be resolved at a general level.
Part 2 is a specific test project where the concept is being tested in a real context in Stavanger East.


10463817_688353897881048_7623245379612361346_oThe project was brought further by Lyse Neo together with Léva, and 4 temporary energy stations are now placed in a open area in Stavanger East. Learn more about the detailed project under The dandelion park project.