Placemaking Svankevigå

Type: Design, activation, facilitation og coordination.
Client: Urban Sjøfront, Norwegian Property, Municipality of Stavanger
Location: Stavanger East
Status: Start march 2015 – ongoing

In the same area as the pilot project Mystreet that was done for the Municipality of Stavanger, we  also has been responsible for consulting landowners in what they can contribute when it comes to «living boost» in «Badedammen» area. (District in Stavanger) One of our methods is to make events to better the reputation of the area.

Different Analysis and research of Svankevigå and Badedammen made by both Stavanger Municipality and through our qualitative analysis shows an image of an unsafe environment with lack of public offerings. The physical surroundings are not inspiring and has a direct negative impact on both residents and visitors.

We therefor urged the various landowners in the area to lend their old warehouses out for free to actors that help boost the area on a positive way. These buildings stood empty anyway.  A new warehouse was also activated in collaboration with two contractors produces fermented tea. This warehouse is today a pop-up Kombucha bar and venue. A new local meeting place for residents and visitors in the area.

Work on reputation management and activation of the area is underway and a number of new measures planned further beyond 2015 and 2016. Some of the upcoming measures are further temporary activation of the remaining buildings standing empty, more physical upgrades and cultural events planned both in the outside spaces and inside the buildings. We develops both creative urban concepts, comprehensive strategy for image building and facilitates and coordinates the ongoing process in the area.

We also organized on behalf of Urban Sjøfront with support from landowners a beach party in June 2015. Under the event the area got a new temporary design that brought together the abandoned plots along with a promenade and recreational areas. Read more

And in november 2015 we organized a Christmas market and outdoor cinema in Svankevigå. The movie we showed is called «Reisen til Julestjernen» and is a Norwegian classic.