Swop shop

Type: Temporary interior / experience design
Client: Urban Sjøfront
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Status: Finished 2014

Part of something bigger
As a part of a larger strategy for creating a more sustainable environment in Stavanger east, we have been in charge of establishing a shop. This is a shop were people can switch old stuff with others or buy clothes, toys, furniture and much more for a symbolic prize. The company Eat The World sell food from a food truck outside the shop and have the responsibility to run the shop.

The Idea
The idea behind the shop is to enhance peoples relationship to old things that can be reused in a very local setting. Creating a social meeting point, and also give people that have a lower income a place to find things they need. The concept have a potential to be a new public domain in Stavanger.

The design
We designed the interior of the shop. The design is planned as a construction that easily can be moved so the shop can be able to move around in old warehouse buildings that are temporary available in Stavanger east.

The aesthetics are simple and clean with light wood, so the things for sale can have the attention. The only colorful element implemented is the wood letters. The letters represent diversity if culture and support Eat The World business idea.
The wallsThe temporary walls are nor connected to the floor, walls or roof. The construction allow the walls to stand without any connection to the concrete room. The idea behind the walls were to create many small rooms were people in a intimate way can explore the different things that are for sale.