The dandelion park

Type: Landscape design
Client: Lyse Neo AS
Location: Stavanger East, Norway
Status: Fished 2014

The park

The dandelion park is a temporary park that consists of four energy stations. To integrate the temporary stations with the environment in Stavanger east we made a concept and an overall design that adapt to the surrounding area which is a transformation area, where residential, industrial and creative businesses stand side by side. The area where the temporary is park located is zoned for a public park in the regulations. The temporary park thus a «foretaste» of the area in the future that will include a permanent park.

The Idea and design

Dandelion park is created from the idea of «artificial nature». That concept will help to emphasize that the park is «unnatural» and temporary. The flower dandelion is a chosen as the basis for the theme because of its mechanical ability. The flower also has interesting shapes to play with as an aesthetic element. Stavanger east has a creative environment and a rough touch from the former industrial history, with the proposed design of Dandelion Park this identity will be strengthened.

The energy stations are decorated with artwork created by the local artist Liv Eiene. Dandelion park will also consist of three large lampposts designed sculptural as a dandelion, an artificial landscape module system, and reusing old plastic tubes.