The Edible City Party

Type: Festival space design, event
Client: Urban Sjøfront
Location: Stavanger East, Norway
Status: Finished 2014

The event concept

The edible city party is a temporary event related to the food festival in Stavanger organized every year in july. The event has an alternative new concept and is located in a park in Stavanger east outside the official festival area.

The event has the agenda of offering visitors a special experience combining great local food, cultural experiences and most of all creating a social meeting point in the district. The event is organized in close collaboration with local companies and by the help of a group of volunteers.

The design concept

The design of the event plan for 2014 has its purpose of strengthen the recreational space and the original design of the park. The design concept is based on dividing the event area into three different zones and is based on using recycling material together with the red color.

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