The playful city interior

Type: Conceptual Design
Client: Open competition, rewarded
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Status: Finished 2011

Journey of discovery

The interior in the city changes in the composition and distance in every street and outdoor space. This means that you will I be able to go on a journey of discovery through the city looking for new items that are staged with a playful twist.

Large parts of the city peninsula in Stavanger consists of charming narrow pedestrian streets, and many small and intimate outdoor space, which is why there is few places where there is room for larger installations / playground equipment for children.

The concept

The proposal contains general concept for the implementation of play in Stavanger city centre. The aim has been to develop a comprehensive idea of the whole centre, where it is emphasized illustrate a variety of different scenarios that invites you to play. We have tried to find a solution of how to integrate play with inspiration in what already exists in urban areas, where we achieve a minimal additional land use but still a strong and varied playful effect.